Are you ready for our starter online beginner course?

Our basic online course available from Udemy learning platform. Click here


Are you ready for our complete online beginner course?

Our four month course starts September
Option 1: no fabrics or consumables included.
Option 2: Everything you need.
Includes live streaming and selected videos
Please contact us for details.

R2800 or R4500

Are you ready to get started at our sewing studio?

Our course is affordable at R800 per month and will allow for one 2 hour lesson per week, Joining fee for new students - R280


Our Courses

When you want online lessons from the comfort of your home....

Our video on demand packages include three training videos, course notes and online support

An introduction to sewing...

Basic machine setup
Basic course (includes seam types, stiches, elastic, button holes, zip insertion)
Stretch skirt (tight or a-line skirt) with elastic waist
Elastic waist loose fitting pants
Waterfall cardigan
Stretch top
Pencil skirt (non stretch with zip)
Track top with front zip
Skimmer dress

Once you completed the beginner course...

Infinity dress (plain or draped)
Pants pattern copied from existing pants
Fly front
Ladies unlined jacket
Ladies fitted shirt
Ladies wrap dress

Once you completed the intermediate course...

Lined shift dress
Lined ladies jacket
Evening dress : learn how to use a commercial pattern
Own design : learn how to manipulate existing patterns

Now its time to let your creativity flow...

Once you completed the advanced course and have the knowledge, keep coming and complete your new projects in an awesome social enviroment

When you want to create something for your home...

Cushion covers with zip or over-lap closure or button detail
Pillow case and duvet cover
Decorative details for house furnishings (tucks, roses, appliqué etc.)
Basic blinds
Basic curtain.

When you want to have some fun sewing...

Cushion covers
Place mats
Plastic bag dispenser

When nothing else fits your requirement...

If you have something specific in mind you would like to make and do not want to follow set course you can decide what you would like to do and a course will be designed for you. It is essential that beginners start with our basic course first and then work towards their goal (e.g.: it is not recommended that a beginner should sew a wedding dress as their first project)

Class Times

08h30 - 10h30
10h45 - 12h45
13h00 - 15h00

10h00 - 12h00

18h00 - 20h00

10h00 - 12h00

10h00 - 12h00

What our clients say

I wanted to thank you for the amazing lesson, I didn’t think I would do so much in 1 lesson I am really grateful I found your classes!


We are off to the material shop tomorrow as a whole new world has been opened up. Tracey is lovely and am so grateful she is sharing her talents


Hope your business is going well. You really tought me a lot of good things about sewing. I'm very happy for that. If you ever visit Sweden, let me know!